A Hybrid Future: Feathered Surveillance As Seen in a Dream

Written by Christina Varga

A new exhibition explores the future and consequences of modern extreme surveillance systems and grotesque technology inspired by a Spring 2010 dream of Italian artist Gianluca Bonomo, entitled”CCTVYLLE – Everything is Under Control,” details via monographic works how innocuous inventions have led to unforeseeable changes in society.  According to Bonomo, the exhibition deals with a dream. “In the dream, I saw a tree with dozens of strange creatures perched on it. The scene was as fascinating and chilling as it was arresting. Suddenly, I realized I was seeing a possible future.”


CCTVYLLE™ joins the debate on how surveillance systems affect society through psychological control and the social implications of being part of a society ‘under control’.  The project focuses on the medium and technology utilized by surveillance systems and puts forth a new vision of a future advancing towards a far more sophisticated system of surveillance involving birds and other imagined creatures. The multidisciplinary presentation covers fine art, photography, comics, animation work and more following non-narrative criteria aimed at developing stories both actual and fictional set in a not-too-distant future London.


 The narrative illustrates the drama and consequence of living under the watchful control of super-smart government-controlled hybrid birds that are half machine and half animal.  A sophisticated closed circuit television camera boasts an intelligent cybernetic chip facilitated by organic wings, bones, and tissues. The hybrids or “cctvirds” are remotely controlled by patrolling operators dutied with preventing and reporting crime. The controlling system thinly borderlines use and abuse and ultimately dominates the entire city of London leaving no area un-surveilled.

CCTVYLLE™ highlights how lives become irreversibly affected by an overly paranoid and controlling system unveil a new world of ordinary and extraordinary heroes.





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