Your Weekly Art News: From the Margins to the Headlines (Oct. 2-9)

Jasper Johns is turning his studio into an artists’ retreat, and we all want to go:

Jasper Johns has big plans for his home and studio in Sharon, Connecticut—and the town is officially on board. Following his death, the artist plans to transform his pastoral property, where he has lived since the 1990s, into an artists’ retreat, providing a live-work space for 18 to 24 artists at a time.

Representatives for the artist presented a proposal at the September 13 meeting of Sharon’s planning and zoning commission, which voted unanimously in favor of the project. Art critic Deborah Solomon first reported that the town had granted permission for the project in a tweet posted on Saturday.

Frieze London closes, champagne showers and banality for all:

Over Fartsy, fake news has never sounded so real:

Artist and artworld provocateur Thierry Geoffroy launches 5 year research project called the “The Anatomy of Prejudice” at IKM Museum in Oslo

On 10 October a new exhibition based around “The Jungle” – an EXTRACTEUR art format, created to collect data about prejudice and give them an evolutive artistic form, will open at the IKM Museum in Oslo by Theirry Geoffroy. The format also includes academic studying of the collected data in order to understand the anatomy of prejudice. The information collected during the exhibition period is aesthetically forming part of a monumental sculptural artwork, but can at the same time be considered as valuable data for scientific and academic purposes. This doubleness between aesthetics and analytics is the core idea of all EXTRACTEUR formats, developed to analyze the socio-political context of the world we live in through artists lens. By the end of the 5-year long exhibition period, the collected data will consist of a huge number of detections of xenophobia-signs reported by 50.000 active participants.

A new gallery opens in London with a solo show by Michele Ciacciofera

Senesi Contemporanea (SC) is a new gallery in London dedicated to facilitating forms of artistic research that make innovative use of traditional material or objects to redefine their cultural merit in a contemporary sense.

Senesi Contemporanea is proud to present its opening exhibition by Michele Ciacciofera, titled Fragments of nature and other stories, curated by Marco Izzolino. Presented in the show are drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations produced during and following the artist’s recent fundamental experiences this year: an audio piece titled The Density of The Transparent Wind, installed for Documenta 14 – Every time a ear di soun,  in Kassel and in Athens, and the installation Janas Code presented at the Pavillon of Tradition at the  57th Venice Biennale Viva Arte Viva.

Your Weekly Art News: From the Margins to the Headlines by Dorian Batycka (Associate Editor, D/Railed Contemporary Art Mag)

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