Your Weekly Art News: From the Margins to the Headlines (Oct 23-30)

Knight Landesman, a longtime publisher of Artforum magazine and a power broker in the art world, resigned on Wednesday afternoon, hours after a lawsuit was filed in New York accusing him of sexually harassing at least nine women in episodes that stretched back almost a decade.

In a prepared statement, the magazine’s three other publishers said that Mr. Landesman had “engaged in unacceptable behavior and caused a hostile work environment.”

  • Sotheby’s is opening a branch in Dubai beginning with an inaugural auction on 13 November at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, featuring notable works by regional heavyweights like Hassan Sharif and Zaha Hadid, among many others:

A curated selection of works sourced internationally by a worldwide team of specialists, Boundless: Dubai creates a forward-looking dialogue for both new and seasoned collectors across the categories of 20th Century and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, Design, Photography, Prints, Books & Manuscripts, Arts of the Islamic World, Orientalist and Contemporary.

Kadder Attia, Demoncracy, 2010, courtesy Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s auction presents 106 lots representative of regional interest in fine art for collectors in the Middle East North Africa region

When organizers of Nigeria’s first biennial art exhibition called it Living on the Edge, they could not have known how painfully apt the theme would be. The Exhibition theme, Living on the Edge, takes on new meaning as artists and squatters at disused railway shed turfed out by state-owned railway company […] But in a bitter irony that reflects the violent gentrification taking place across the complex megacity, just as the show opened last weekend the Nigerian Railway Corporation – the state-owned rail firm – began to turf out many of the families.

  • Brooklyn artist, painter and assemblage sculptor, RAE (aka RAE BK) will be confined to living inside the windows of his unique ‘storefront stage’ in Manhattan’s Lower Eastside, opening at 3:00pm on Oct. 31st through November 22, 2017 at 130 Allen St., NYC:

A window display into a world where collaborative performance art meets the avant-garde work of RAE. “The RAE Show” will feature a continuous look at an artist at work, at life and at times…. asleep in his own bed. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for about a month the public will be able to view RAE in eccentric headdress disguises, creating sketches, painting, drawing on the walls and banging away at sculptures made of found materials. The line between the process of making art and performance art will be completely blurred, inside a space only RAE could dream up.

  • We’re not surprised, art workers of the world ban together to oppose sexual harassment in light of Landesman / Artforum scandal:

In response to recent allegations of sexual harassment within the art world and the resignation of Artforum co-publisher Knight Landesman, an open letter has been published by ‘art world workers’ calling for an end to silence around the issue and a renewed effort by individuals and institutions to deal with what it describes as ‘an environment of acceptance and complicity’. Here is the letter published in full

Your Weekly Art News: From the Margins to the Headlines by Dorian Batycka (Associate Editor, D/Railed Contemporary Art Mag)

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