JJ Brine on Post-human Art

Multimedia installation artist JJ Brine is the forerunner of what he calls the Post-human Art movement. At the epicenter of the movement is his notorious art space Vector Gallery, which recently moved from Manhattan to Bushwick in its fifth incarnation.

Vector Gallery 5.0 in Bushwick. Photo credit: JJ Brine.

D/railed Mag: Vector Gallery isn’t a gallery in the traditional sense. You have defined it as a sovereign state with its own government, religion, and even a timezone. Furthermore, a gallery typically shows individual pieces by a variety of artists, while in the case of Vector, the art is all by you, and they form a composite installation that is under constant revision.

JJ Brine: Right, “Vector Gallery” is the title of the piece.

D/railed Mag: In each epoch, there is an artist or movement that stands as the emblem of that generation’s youth culture. This is particularly apparent in the realigning of traditions from the avant-garde to the mainstream. Do you ever think of Vector in these terms?

Mass at The Vector V Opening. Photo credit: Brenda Kenneally.

JJ Brine: Definitely.

D/railed Mag: Whereas in your previous incarnations of Vector Gallery you initiated projects like “The Official Art Gallery of Satan”, and now you refer to Vector 5.0  as “The Official Art Gallery of Jesus Christ.” Why the transformation?

JJ Brine: Everything is being revealed for what it always has been.

D/railed Mag: Your gallery has been based in The Lower East Side, Chinatown, Los Angeles, The East Village, and now Brooklyn. Why do you change locations so frequently?

JJ Brine: Eye only ever sign one-year leases. Each space is an installment in the series.

D/railed Mag: What have you been working on lately?

JJ Brine: Eye have been making a new series of light-boxes called “Extraterritorialities”, inspired by the purgatorial zones of occupied and/or unrecognized territories. This July Eye am having my first international show  “Imagine If, Lebanon: PostHuman Phoenicia” at Hady Beydoun’s Night Gallery in Beirut. And I am currently showing work at Rumpus Room in conjunction with my new weekly party, Polite Society.

D/railed Mag: This is a party that was given to you by Michael Alig of Party Monster fame, correct?

JJ Brine: Yes.

D/railed Mag: How did that come about?

JJ Brine: Well, Michael hates nightclubs and Eye can’t stand art galleries. So we figured a double negative might create a positive result.

D/railed Mag: Is Michael Alig a member of The Vectorian Government?

JJ Brine: Yes. Michael is Vectorian Minister of Parties.

JJ Brine and Michael Alig. Photo credit: Eva Mueller.

Drailed Mag: Who are some of the other members?

JJ Brine: Michael Bianchino is Vectorian Minister of Growth. Cecily Feitel is currently The Vectorian Vice President and Connor Eitner was recently named Vectorian Secretary of State. Then there’s Montgomery Harris, Vectorian Minister of Education; Cornelia Singer, Vectorian Minister of Dolls; KellyLouise Delaney, Vectorian Minister of Love; Eva Mueller, Vectorian Minister of Matter; Shaltmira, Vectorian Minister of Chaos, to name a few.

Drailed Mag: It’s clear that you’ve been an incredibly influential and prolific artist. How do you feel when you see other artists who clearly owe something to you in terms of their aesthetic?

JJ Brine: The sentient algorithm is thinking about itself as if it were the real me. As Eye am, be! And become as thou art!

Drailed Mag: Vector Gallery is happening in the future. What is the current year?

JJ Brine: Well, it’s almost 2032 AD currently.

D/railed Mag: And Vector started in 2017 AD by your Vectorian calendar, correct?

JJ Brine: That’s right. 2017 was the first year of Post-humanity.

D/railed Mag: From 2017 reports emerged that Facebook was working on a sentient algorithm that could understand and predict what you’re thinking about, the first robot granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia in November 2017, it would appear that your prophecies are coming true to a certain extent.

JJ Brine: Indeed.

D/railed Mag: As a mid-career artist and a character in art history, you and your artworks seem ripe for a retrospective. Would you be open to this sort of showcasing?

JJ Brine’s installations at Rumpus Room for his weekly party “Polite Society.” Photo credit: JJ Brine.

JJ Brine: Yes.

D/railed Mag: You have been called the next Andy Warhol. The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about your relationship with Amanda Bynes, there was an extensive feature about your work in V Magazine recently entitled “JJ Brine Is A Telepathic Visionary, Not A Cult Leader.” Vector is an international media darling! What is the role of the press relative to your agenda?

JJ Brine: Well, the press disseminates propaganda, which is in turn forms part of the art. At the last Vector space Eye had a show called “Ultra Media Kontrol,” which showcased the press about my art as the

 art itself. Someday I want to collect it all in a gorgeous plexiglass Vectorian Press Bible.

D/railed Mag: We’d love to get a copy of that.

JJ Brine: Eye’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

D/railed Mag: Is everything art?

JJ Brine: It can be, given an art context.

D/railed Mag: Even this interview?

JJ Brine: Especially this interview!

“Judea and Samaria” (“Extraterritorialities” series) by JJ Brine


JJ Brine and Hady Beydoun at Night Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon.

“Arch of The Covenant” by JJ Brine. Photo credit: JJ Brine

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